MD/CMW M85, S5, A8, A22, 723MF-5, Dirt Devil DB5000 & DB7000 & All Element Models Using Bags 8 Gallon Closed Central Vacuum Bags (5 Pack)


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MD/CMW Central Vacuum Bags 723MF-5, 8 gallon bags (5 pack) For all closed bag MD power units. Models M85, S5, CMW A8, A22. THESE BAGS ALSO ARE FOR THE DIRT DEVIL MODELS DB5000, DB7000, AND ALL ELEMENT MODELS USING THE CLOSED BAG. (colors of All Bags may vary)  5-Pack Closed Microfilter Superb replacement filter bag for many makes and models. Featuring the very latest in micro-filtration technology without restricting air flow. For ultra filtration, maximum air flow, and easy disposal the Microfilter Bag is the best available. The material feels like a dense felt, not brittle paper whatsoever! Fits closed bag models of A.C.V., Aggressor, AstroVac, Centra-Clean, Dynavac, FloMaster, Imperium, MD, ModernDay, SilentMaster, Vacumaid, Westinghouse, and others. This top quality filtration vacuum bag is around 26″ tall by 10″ wide and replaces all closed filtration bags within a couple inches of either measurement. The connection hole is towards the top and connects to a 1-1/2″ to 2-3/4″ pipe. One package contains five individual bags.