MD/CMW S5, A22 12 Gallon Open Bag (5Pack)


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5-Pack Hyperflow Paper Bags, 12-gallon New, stronger, high-performance Hyperflow central vacuum bags are the latest in airflow dynamics and effective filtering all the way down to .3 microns. Don’t settle for anything less! Your Silent Master, Modern Day, MD, Air-Flo, Air-Force, and Stor-Vac central vacuums will perform better and have longer motor life. These bags fit vacuums over 34 inches tall (total length) and replace older #721-5 bags. Bag has an elastic top and comes five to a pack. On Air Force, Silent Master, Air Flo, and MD the bag fits over blue cloth support #711. Although this bag may seem big, it was designed this way. Our bag has more area to filter air. After inserting the bag open it up inside the vacuum by pushing down and out around the sides. Compatible with the following units:SilentMaster: S1, S2, S3, S4, S44, S5, SP2, SP22, and SP3ModernDay: E, E2, QE2, E3, QE3, G23, SV, and SVT Hyperflow Paper Bags are also compatible with Air Flo and Air Force brands.