Low Voltage Hose 30 feet with Suction Control Switch w/Button Lock



Receive your new 30′ silver hose with black gas-pump handle Low Voltage Hose and enjoy the convenience of turning the suction on and off without having to run back to the wall inlet. The Low Voltage Hose is far superior for every application wherever the Basic Hose can be used. The Low Voltage hose does not have 110-volts, only a low voltage wire to allow the suction circuit to be on or off. Use this central vacuum hose for all air-driven power heads, it is worth the extra money. Button Lock Friction Fit Ergonomic Gas-pump Style Handle 2-way Switch Controls Suction 360-Swivel for Fewer Kinks Crushproof, Pliable Hose Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store 27% More Air Flow Over Older Hoses* Air Flow Adjustability Durable Metal Hose End Fits 1-7/16″ to 1-1/2″ Diameter Inlets *After 2004 the interior of the hose increased to 1-3/8″ diameter and was made smoother for maximum performance. All accessories are compatible with this central vacuum hose, including the button lock version. Accessories, wands, and brushes sold separately.