Beam Propath Deluxe Attachment Set With 35′ Hose


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Beam Propath Deluxe Attachment Set With 35′ Hose Hose Features

  • Progression handle with 3 position switch to turn on power unit and Propath power brush.
  • Suction control valve to select amount of suction power*.
  • Crushproof
  • Available in 30 & 35 ft. lengths
  • Designed to fit round wands and attachments.
  • Convertible cuff to allow for standard or direct connect installations. Power Brush Features
  • LED Indicators – 4 Height Levels & Check Brushroll
  • Poly V Belt System
  • Dual Edge Cleaning
  • Electronic Circuit Protection
  • 4 Level Height Adjustment
  • Telescopic – Wand
  • Easy Change Quick Release Neck Cleaning Set Comes Complete With: ProPath Powerhead, Premium Progression Style Grip Hose, Deluxe tools (dusting brush, upholstery and crevice) Floor Brush, Telescopic Wands, Storage Bag, Tool Clip and Hose Rack. LIGHTWEIGHT & MANEUVERABLE The ProPath Powerhead is lightweight – it’s easier to push and easier to clean. No more lugging a heavy powerhead from room to room. The narrow wheel placement allows for better maneuverability around corners and furniture. 4-HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT The ProPath Powerhead features four height settings for all carpet types. From Area Rugs to Ultra-Plush Carpets – now there’s no need to switch brushes between rooms. Simply press the foot switch and select one of 4 levels to accommodate your needs. ULTRA-PLUSH CARPET COMPATIBLE The ProPath Powerhead features a unique air diverter that adjusts the airflow when set for Ultra-Plush Carpets. While at this setting, the Powerhead is easier to push and won’t feel like it’s “sticking” to the carpet like some other powerheads do.