12ft Extension Hose – Double your cleaning area!


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12ft Extension Hose – Double your cleaning area! The Extension Hose allows you to save time by cleaning more area from a single vacuum port. Clean further, deeper, and easier then ever before. Extend a 30-foot central vacuum hose to 42 feet, a 35-foot hose to 47 feet, and so on! Clean indoors or outdoors. The Extension Hose is flexible, crushproof, easily stored, and comes with a 2-year warranty. The Extension Hose intake connection is about 1-1/2 inch diameter with two metal nubs inside at the top or bottom. It plugs into the same diameter wall inlets. Use it for a valve hidden behind a sofa. You can leave it plugged in and not lose any suction. It is also a necessity for any unreachable areas: Back rooms, closets, etc. Patios and entries Basement corners Garages, cars, RVs Full length of stairs How to Use Simply plug the Extension Hose into your wall inlet and your hose into the Extension Hose. Fits 99% of All Systems! – DOES NOT FIT TWO-PIN ELECTRICAL HOSES Compatibility: 1) air or basic hoses (no switch on handle), 2) low voltage hoses (switch on handle), and 3) corded electric hoses (three way switch). NOT compatible with direct connect electrical hoses. Systems with a 1-1/4 inch diameter inlet hole can be adapted, give us a call.