CMW CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS provides sales, service, installation, and replacement whole house,(conventional and retractable hose) systems in Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, and some areas of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.  If you would like to receive a quote for a CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM, please email mickey@cmwvacs.com with all of the specifics of your inquiry; such as, type of home, square footage etc...   FOR SERVICE: please use the service form on the "contact cmwVacs.com" page with all of the information asked so that we can better assist you when we return your enquiry. Or call us at 301-725-8227


1)  House Calls

Our technicians are dispatched to come to your home for all of your CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM needs.  A base trip charge to come out to a home is $175.00 (plus the cost of materials).  This charge covers most service calls that do not require dry wall to be cut or other invasive procedures.  If the repair/service goes beyond the normal 30 minutes, there is a charge of $15 per every 15 minute increment.  While scheduling an appointment, customers will be asked a series of questions and those answers will be provided to the technician to help prepare for the service call.  This assists in making your repair go as quickly as possible to help keep costs low.  Please visit our TROUBLESHOOTING page prior to contacting us for a service call (personnel do not troubleshoot over-the-phone).  By visiting the troubleshooting page, you may be able to solve the issue yourself and therefore save the cost of a service call/trip charge by us.   


2)  Drop Off Method  


Customers can drop CVAC repairs off 9:30-4 M-F. Please bring in your entire attachments/tool kit for repair diagnosis because the problem can be with your power nozzle, wand, and or your hose. If you are not sure call us at 301-725-8227.  A base diagnostic fee of $50 is paid at the time of drop off.  Diagnostic fees cover the cost of intake and tear down time and will be applied to the cost of the actual repair.  Diagnostic fees can also be applied towards the purchase of a new unit/tools if applicable.  Please keep in mind when dropping off a repair that office personnel do not diagnose, repair, or give technical advice. Your repair/costs will be explained to you when you communicate with the technician after he has diagnosed your repair.  




If you have a new home with a CMW installed system you have a 1 year warranty that covers parts, labor and trip charges. After the one year, or on products not installed by CMW, manufacturers warranties on products only cover the cost of the actual product/item.  Warranties do not cover our company’s shipping,trip, or labor charges to repair products that are covered under a warranty.  You will be charged our company's normal labor, shipping, and trip charge explained above to come out to your house.




Please use our TROUBLE SHOOTING page on our website prior to contacting us for an appointment.  Technicians are out in the field-they cannot troubleshoot over the phone.  Office personnel schedule appointments only, they cannot troubleshoot over the phone.  

*For purchasing products visit our website or stop by 9:30-4 M-F, or call us at 301-725-8227.

*We only do CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS and not any other type of vacuum or cleaning machine.

*Working Hours are 9:30-4 Monday-Friday.  All orders, voice mails, and emails will be attended to during that time.